Spitting Ball Forces

Bradley Hughes explains why it's equally, if not more important, to focus on the follow through versus the downswing.

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You've heard me talk a lot, and I mean a lot, about over-acceleration in the golf swing. How I've focused on this part of the swing needs to be aggressive. It needs to be the strongest part of the swing. So why?

Well truth is, that golf ball-- if we're not worried about what's happening over here, we just bring in a whole bad range of possibilities for where that ball is going to go, as well as how we're going to strike it. So the truth is that golf ball to go far and to go straight needs to be caught in the middle of two forces. It needs to be caught in the middle of an entry and an exit. Then it's going to go straight.

So this is not uncommon, like a pitching machine in tennis or in baseball. We have two circular disks. One is spinning this direction. One is spinning the other direction, going in opposite directions at the same speed.

And we know what happens when we put a ball in there. It shoots out. That right there is going to behave on the same principles.

So that's why all the best players were yelling at us, screaming at you, don't hit out ball. Hit through it. Fastest point of the swing's here. Get to the finish.

Because this side of impact, it means more than you can imagine. It doesn't mean the swing is over when we hit the ball, and I can control my golf ball-- withdrawals, fades, high, low, basically anything I want by focusing on [INAUDIBLE] here. I don't worry about my entry. I know if I'm still keeping the right amount of force that is at least equal to what's happening back here, that ball's going to go pretty well straight.

It really has an option because it's like the disks. It's like the pitching machine. The ball's just getting trapped in the middle of the forces and getting spat out.

So that's what is really important in golf. We need to understand that this side of impact has to be at least equal to this in the pressure, the force, the speed. That's why acceleration is so key. We don't want to create velocity and then try and align it on the ball, because that's slowing down.

We want to free fall it. We want to let that club fall, and we have to, honestly, feel this over there is faster than what's happening here. Because there's always going to be an intent to hit the ball.