Acceleration Through The Ball

Bradley Hughes explains the importance of learning how to accelerate through the ball first instead of a hit at impact.


Well I think, you know, the right arm, right hand. That's our power source.


So we want to use it. We need this to be strong in some way to resist the heat of that that it doesn't buckle. So we don't have to buckle and fold over too much. We don't want it to fly away from us. We want to basically get both arms and hands and club moving together. So I know that to get to my finish, I'm just going to get there. As crazy as that sounds, it's rather simple. If I'm hitting from this position, I unfold and I get there.

Also, OK. OK. So what you're saying is you're not going to show us a whole backswing yet. But you want them to get that position with that face open, so they can feel that throw out.

Correct. If you're closed.

You've sort of shown us half of backswing. Well you're actually showing us--

More delivery, yeah.

More half a downswing and a finish.

You're right. OK. So we learned from delivery that was going to get us to a finish, and we can match all that up a little bit later on. But most people, if they can understand what they're doing from here to there--

They just do it.

They'll find it. They'll find the best. Jim Furyk's a perfect example. Why does he do that? Because that gives him room to load from when he loves to hit from. Exactly right. Yes.

Fair enough.

He's not an octopus falling out of a tree. He's actually very good because it suits his real style.

And he's only ever had one coach, and it was his dad. So he's never had anyone else try to come in and screw him up. Or change him to be what we would consider more orthodox. OK, so here I am. I'm in here and I've got the face. Well that's, I know that would work. I can feel that that would work with that grip.

You can square the face up. So what I want is I want people to, I think of the hit in terms of acceleration and not velocity. So I want the club to keep accelerating. I don't want to create speed and then have to line that up on the ball. So that's why when you watch me swing, I always get to a full finish, because I'm not ball bound. I'm just letting the ball get in the way.

You've got work to do through here in your system. You've got to create all that, instead of worrying about getting to the ball. You're already passed that.

Yeah. The ball's just getting collected on the way.