Bradley Hughes - Fixing Fat & Thin Shots

Bradley Hughes explains how to fix hitting the ball fat or thin. He demonstrates a great way to teach your hands by hitting the ball with only the left hand.

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Drills Bradley Hughes Hitting Shots Fat & Thin


So we see, with some of the poorer golfers, not only do they hit it off line, they [? miss-strike ?] the shuttle. They'll get fat. And honestly, fat and thin, I believe, are much the same thing.

So fat would be-- there's a number of ways. One, people are too crouched over. And they're trying to make room. And they're releasing the club with their hands and arms. So if I don't have room, and I want to release the club, I got to stand up and the ground gets in the way.

So when I get sick of hitting the ground, I'm going to stand up higher. And I'm going to start getting them thin. So fat and thin is really-- if we had the finish line was right here my left hand and the ball, fat and thin is the clubhead is trying to win the race to the finish line.

So we really want to feel that the hand is always winning the race. We don't need the hand to win by two foot. We just need the hand to get there first. And you'll see the club will catch up.

So a really good way, I think, of learning how both hands work is hitting some shots-- don't have to hit them far-- left-handed. And for me to hit that well, my hand had to just win the race. If I let the clubhead win the race, there's my fat. If I let the club win the race and feel I'm going to hit the ground and stand up, there's my thin.

So we'll really work on hitting the few little shots with your left hand only. Feel that left hand win the race to the ball. And you'll start hitting down on the ball and take away that fat and thin shot.