Bradley Hughes - Fixing Hooks & Slices

Bradley Hughes discusses how to fix the dreaded hooks and slices. He explains that where the ball starts and how it curves is determined by what takes place before and after impact respectively.


So good rule of thumb, if you're slicing the ball, if you're hooking the ball, it's really got to do with the two sides of impact. This side is going to dictate where the ball starts. And what happens on this side of the ball is going to dictate what the ball does.

So if I'm a slicer or a puller, I know my clubhead is getting too soon to my target stick. And if the face points left, it's going left. If my hands pushed forward and I come that way, it's going right.

So for the most part, any slice or pull across the ball, something that starts left or right, is generally from this. The club is coming across that back line.

If you hook the ball, it's a real indication that you've used so much hand and arm action here that your body is stopped. And from there, you can only use your hands. So if I get too fast on the way down, stop my body, and have to use my hands, there is quite a significant a lot of hand action there.

I timed that one pretty well. But for the most part, if I did that, it's going to overhook, and put me in more trouble than I care-- want to be.