Bradley Hughes - Fixing Pulls & Pushes

Bradley Hughes explains how pulls and pushes are generally as a result of coming over the top. Where the ball starts is determined by where the clubface is pointing at impact.


All right, so a lot of people have trouble hitting the ball straight off the tee. I'm not talking to hooks or fades or slices. I'm talking about the ball starts left or it starts to the right. So here's a really good way to understand what's happening. If I just put my stick on the ground here and point it down the direction that I'm going, someone that hits a pull shot is generally getting the club to come across this line into the ball. You can see. For the most part, if they release the club a bit early, you can see that club is pointing to the left. If they come that way and push their hand forward, the ball is going to go right.

So remember, the ball will always start where the club face is pointing. So that's your first port of call. But it really is bound to happen more often, if you're missing your mark. Remember you can't get the club head out to that target line too soon, because then you have to try and keep it there. So we really want to feel the club working more around this, where we just feel that the club works inside and inside again. And you can see how straight that went, because my club works inside, gets on the square right where I want it, works inside again. If you're hitting pulls and pushes, your club is not coming from the inside enough here. It's generally going too far outside of the ball on the entry path.