Bradley Hughes - Build Your Own Feel

Bradley Hughes discuss how important it is to build your own feel in the golf swing. He explains that it is a very subjective game, and the player might prefer to feel a certain way to hit the ball.

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Improving Bradley Hughes


[? So usually, ?] mate, this is Sea Island. I've never been on Sea Island. This is not Sea Island, is it? This is Sea Island golf course, but it's on--

Saint Simons Island.

Saint Simons Island.

Very close though.

And this is the course that they play the tournament on. I think it's coming up in about six weeks. And I mean, first impressions, mate-- super, super-looking place.

Beautiful I love the inlet out there. We've got a beautiful day, too.

Bermuda grass. And mate, you've come down from South Carolina today. You've got a few things you want to discuss with me.

Yeah, I think I wanted to try and come up with some ideas in simple talk for good players, medium players, high-handicap players. Something that relates to them. Not everyone hears the words in the same manner. So I'm going to try and come up with some ideas that'll help those range of handicaps and attack some issues that we see in all these groups and then also in higher and lower.

Course, you know all the pro-ams we've played in, it's not unlikely for us to have a really good player in the group, an average player, and then a high-handicap. And we don't speak the same language to our 25 handicapper as we do our scratch, and we think at Secret Golf it's really important for them to get the right bit of information for their caliber of play.

Absolutely. And like I said, people see things differently. A good player may have better components in their swing, obviously, that makes him a little bit better. So they may not need the same information.

And sometimes, of course, I might have a left-sided tip, but the player might prefer to feel it with his right side. So as we speak and we get into this a little bit more, there's always the other one. In other words, if you've got to do this with your left, it could be, you don't like that feel? We can make it happen with this side.

That's the beauty of golf. There's a lot of different ways you can do it. And I think the hard thing about trying to explain golf swing is that a lot of it is subjective, what we feel. So we've got to try and express the words in a way that someone else can feel, and give them a technique or a way or a drill to go about feeling what we're trying to talk about. And it doesn't have to be exactly what we're saying. It has to be worked on in a manner that they get their own feel of it. And if they get they feel, they can repeat it.

And of course, we don't trust feels all the time. We try to build our feel with facts, because a guy might say, well I feel like I'm just throwing my right hand or something. Crazy talk. But it feels like that. But we have to fill that bottom level of fundamentals where the field may take over, right?

Absolutely. For me.

I mean, someone says to me, what do you feel like? Would you drop the club. Would you slot it or do you go-- it's very dangerous. We don't trust feels very much to our players.

We're talking feels.

We're talking feels, but we don't don't trust them very much.

All right.