Putting Drill

Bradley Hughes demonstrates a putting drill to improve your short and long putts.


So this is a really great way to practice. And as you can see, I have some tees set up here on the green. I'll show you how to do it with these three on this side.

So first things first, I'm just going to stick my putter in the hole. And I'm going put a tee down here at the end of the grip. I'm going to put another tee at the fire end of the grip.

So there's my placement. And I'll put one more for good measure one more grip length away. So now I have a little bias here of north, south, east, west. So this is a really great way to practice because what I've done is I've got four different breaking putts.

So what I would do is start off putting on the inner circle. So I'm going to hit three putts from this first tee. It's not very far, but still easily missable.

I'll bring the next ball over. So what I'm doing is I'm making all three putts from here. Then I would move around to this side. So that putt there was actually downhill right to left.

This putt here is going to be sidehill left to right. And I will hit all three putts from that tee also.

So if you miss one just like that, you would have to go all the way back and start again. So as we total it up it's actually 36 putts that you have to make here one after the other, consecutive, all 36 in a row, from the inner circle and then to the middle circle, finally, to the third circle. So if you get really good at this drill it'll make your long putts even easier because you'll be so good at these short-range putts. The longer putts will just become much more basic to get near the hole.