Ball Position

Bradley Hughes explains how to get your most ideal ball position


So one of the things we have to talk about is ball position and how that's a bit of an illusion, and how you need to learn what you're looking for there. Ball position-- as we know, there's a line there. All these shots come out from under the radius of this circle. This is a circle that comes out from one inch inside of this left heel.

So as we prepare for these shots and we walk in, the player may say, he's playing that in the middle of his stance. He's playing that ball out of the back of his stance, or out of his right foot. If I cut that leg off right there and moved it, it's clear that it's still one ball under the radius of this circle.

So as I go to play a shot right here and I walk in, my normal way, I walk across that imaginary line in my head, knowing that I've got the radius captured. If I put my right foot up here, all it means is I'm elected to play a lower shot. I'm going to have a lot more [? shaft ?] lean on the lower shot that everyone likes to see.

If I come in and I wanted to play a higher shot, I still capture that line across there under the left armpit. I move my weight back, so now it's very clear to the viewer that the ball is up front. It's really not up front. It's in the same spot it was all along. It's just I've moved my weight into a different spot.

I'm going to play a higher shot, so I will have way less lean. I'd have almost no lean. So I can get up under that and hit it sky high. So understanding [? that ?] it's all about capturing that left, the radius of this circle, and then positioning the right foot to pick the trajectory of what shall we'd want.