Bradley Hughes - Arms In Front

Bradley Hughes explains how important it is to have the arms out in front. The club, however, needs to be the opposite - 45 degrees inside coming into impact.


So I think, you know, we've talked about how we're trying to build momentum, let the hit happen, and basically get pulled to the finish, like you said, you get pulled up to the end.

You are saying, you swing naturally and so on, but there's some crucial steps in there. You've made yourself some nice width. You push down. That's getting you going forward, which lets this unwinding and the right hand, the hands have dropped. Don't be a-- You're saying, do not ever be afraid to let that--

Don't be afraid, the only thing you don't want to do is have your arms and the club behind you.


That's stuck.

That's what Tiger would call stuck.

Yeah. But you can, if your arms are out in front, you could never get stuck in a million years. But if I go up here like this and my right arm doesn't do anything, it just stays there and my hip bumps, and I just turn my arms, I haven't moved it so it's got to be in front.

And I also like what we talked about earlier about if I'm having trouble feeling that, quite often I will hit some balls and I will feel that I've preset that right elbow. But I'm not trying to turn it. I'm trying to feel my right elbow is close to my belly button rather than my hip.

And address.

And address. So I'm really trying to feel it close to my belly button. And then as I swing, it rotates and it wants to return there.

I see. If I'm back near my hip, I start the law mower on the way back, my right arm gets behind me and now I can't get it back out there again. So I think presetting is a good little [INAUDIBLE].

So you could go wide and add it. Or you could add it right at the get go.

Exactly right.

So you'd put the belly of the arm under and then turn the wrist up on top like that.

Yes. And I think that's more good player thing, because a poorer player is not used to having that turn in their arm. So if they do it here, that instinct will be again, to go back the other way.

Instead of go more. Instead of go more, they're going to eliminate it and go the other way.