Bradley Hughes - Be Behind The Ball

Bradley Hughes discusses the importance of being behind the ball from address to impact. He explains that you do not need to try and get behind the ball in the backswing, but rather just start there at address.

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OK. So let's go back to the top, and we're talking about getting that width, of course. And then we're going to-- you add a bit of pressure, which helps you get up there. Then I'm sitting there. I'm way back here, man. I'm there.

Now, how do I get going downhill from there, where I can get going? I like to use that term. I use it on TV for football. When the guy gets going, they say he's running downhill. I think, in golf, there's a bit of feel like you're running downhill, once you get around that corner, and you hit down on it, and then it pulls you back up again.

Oh, I think it's a lot to do with what we've already talked about. If I've created width, I'm falling down. If you look where all my body mass is--

It's all back here.

It's all behind the ball.

And the weight's still here.

Yep. I've got weight that foot-- pressure. Well not necessarily weight, it's pressure. There's a force going down still. And that's force-- it doesn't matter if I'm like that, if I'm like that, there's still force going down that foot. Now if I put a lot of pressure into my left heel, then you can see that's going to come up. If I'm on my left toe, that's going to stay down. That's how your body wants to balance.

Balance it.

So you're not trying to fight any of that. We'll just see little variables based on how the person does it. But I have got my mass behind the ball. And if everything's behind, and I'm looking there but I know my target's that way, I have to end up going through it. So I don't necessarily have to fight that, I just got to be further-- and I'm not saying get behind the ball and stay there, I'm just saying, you've got to be behind the ball.