Bradley Hughes - Distance Away From The Ball

Bradley Hughes explains the correct distance the player should stand from the ball at address. This is based on where the arms naturally hang towards the ground at address.

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Setup Distance From the Ball Bradley Hughes


How do you know how far to stand from the ball?

I think a really good guide is naturalness. So I'll use you as an example, Al. If I take that club away from you, and you just stood there and let your arms hang, is that about where they would hang naturally?

Maybe an inch more.

OK. So I think wherever someone's arms just hang, that's as far away as you need to be from the ball.

For them.

And in most instances, it's a hand-span. Very much something like that.


So we don't want to get too far away from the ball. I prefer closer than too far away, because too far away, my arms immediately come back to natural, and I've got to go back.

We just want to keep them natural.

Natural. So everyone says, keep your swing natural. But if you're setting up out of position, you're doing these wrong things, how is it going to be natural, even including the balance that we talked about here?