Bradley Hughes - Setting Up To The Ball

Bradley Hughes and Steve Elkington explain how to set up to the ball with the target in mind. Over the ball, there's a knowing of where the target is in relation to your shoulder peripherally.

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Setup Alignment Steve Elkington Bradley Hughes


I change my pre-shot occasionally just to change things up, but lately, I've been doing this as a pre-shot, and it works nicely, and what you just said. I've been in a pre-shot, where I've just been taking my right hand off and I've just been making a practice swing with my left hand. If I'm hitting the draw, my path is way over that way. And I've found that when I hit a fade, it was over this way.


And you know, so it goes nicely with what you just said.

I agree. I think you've got to have something to come in your thoughts, not get all your focus behind the ball. If you set up to that ball again, Elk, and where's your target? It's to that side of you. It's not this side of you. So that's where all your focal point should be, in the front.

As you get better, there'll be people, like, I aim left, and I can't square off and there will be guys and so on, but I know where the target is instinctively. You'll start to see that the target will be in a similar ratio to where your side of your shirt is. You'll look up, and you'll go, oh, OK. It's not way over there. You know what I'm saying?

Yeah. I'm very right-eye dominant.

I'm way left.

OK. So we're total opposites.

So when you set up, I bet you probably set in like this. You step into the ball a little bit, and you're using your left eye.

My whole left eye. I look this way, and this left foot is out of the way, and then I just-- I'm looking with that-- it might as well be one eye, right?

Well, I got hit in the eye with a golf club when I was young, and my left eye is really weak. So that's why I wear glasses and I'm so right-eye dominant. So if I come in and set this way, I aim 30 yards right. So I have to really do what you did, but I do it one-handed rather than two.