Natural Hand Position At Address

Bradley Hughes explains how the way your arms hang naturally will dictate what your grip should be.

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If I just stood there, and I just dropped my arms down, that's natural. So my arms hang like that. You can see your arms turn in a little bit. So to me, that's how you should sort of grip it.

That's right.

So your arms are very neutral and natural, so you're not twisting. A lot of people--

They would do that. Yeah they try and get the right grip as a golf book would tell them to do it. But what they do is they twist their arms out of position.

I see.

Now as soon as I do that. Let me show you a real quick one here Terry. So I my arms hang natural. My right arm hangs a little bit this way. My right arm grip looks like that.

You're just working with what you were born with.

I'm working with what I've got. I'm trying to suit my natural needs. Now if I twisted that. So say-- And when I look at the grip, I think it's got a lot to do with how people twist their arms out of their alignment. So if I turn that arm, that grip now looks stronger. But that arm is not natural.

You've changed it all.

I've changed it. So as soon as I swing, my arm is going to want to revert to how it normally is. And then it's got to try and get back to how it was before, at address. And that's where a lot of the mishaps come from.

Oh I like this already. Did you know that Jack Nicklaus, and it's funny how your arms hang. Like mine's always hung like that. You know I've been with Jack and his hang this way. He's the only guy that's ever hung that way. And you know Jack, when he comes in, he he's always. And he puts that way. You know, he's this way, right?

And he's just reacting to-- he knows that that gives him the best opportunity for his arms to swing without having to manipulate something to get it back to square. And you can do this at home. You don't even have hit balls. If you can just stand there and grab a club, just let your arms keep going and just get in that grip.

Just gravity.

Yeah. Just letting them hang.

And you can see how different gravity and I are. I just swing mine down and my foot is pointing there at the camera. Yours Is pointing down there.

All right. So that's why you like to look at it that way a little bit more.

I like to look at it that way, I do.

And it doesn't affect you because you're not twisting your arms out of their natural taint.

I have already learned something already. So what's next?

All right, so let's talk about along the same lines. If I just let my arms hang there, that's pretty much where I should grip it.

You look so good there.

For most people that I've found in my lessons and everything, normally a hand span away from your belt. To the end of the grip. That's as far away as you need to be from the ball. Because again, that's where your arms hang.

That's where your arms hang.

So a lot of people stretch for the ball. And what they've done is they've pulled their arms out of their sockets. So of course, again, if I'm stretched out here, as soon as I take the club away, my arms want to go-- They want to go back to where they naturally are.


And then of course when I swing, nowe they've got to go back--

Because that's where the ball.

Because that's where the ball was. So they've not set up in a way that's going to allow them the swing as well. So that's why that's a prime example. Your grip of your arms, my arms. My grip suit us, and it's not industry standard. We're not trying to be perfect with it. We're putting it where it needs to be.