Bradley Hughes - Hitting A Low Shot

Bradley Hughes demonstrates 3 ways to hit a low shot - swinging with less than full speed, shortening the swing, and moving the ball back in the stance.


So low shot, we really want to keep the spin off the ball. If we're hitting too far down on the ball and it starts projectiling up into the air, it's going to lose all its energy and fall short.

So against the wind, I always tend to take an extra club. I'm going to take a 6 iron here, and I'm just going to swing it at 75%, 70% of my normal swing speed, and take some of the height off the ball, because I'm not spinning it as much.

I found that was a really good way to control it, especially in Melbourne. The wind is a lot heavier than it is over here, so I really had to keep the flight out of it.

The other way to hit a low shot is to feel a shorter backswing, shorter follow through, and that would be more of the punch shot. You just go back and through similar distance, shorter, shorter. And that really allows me to lead my hands forward and deloft that club a little bit.

And then my personal favorite is by changing my ball position, so to move the ball back in my stance. Again, I'm going to take less loft on the strike here because I've delofted the club.

Only thing we have to remember or compensate with is if I move the ball further back in my stance, my club face is going to point to the right to where it would normally at my proper release. So anytime I move the ball back in my stance, I always shift my aim by five degrees or so further open.

And now, the ball will have less-- the club will have less loft, the ball will have less elevation, and my alignment will still make the ball go straight.

So remember, there's a lot of ways to do things. That's three ways to hit a low shot. Find out what works best for you. Stick to it, practice it, and good luck.