Bradley Hughes - Stinger

Bradley Hughes explains how to hit a stinger with a 3 wood. To hit the ball lower, it's not a matter of moving the ball back, but rather moving the back foot in to narrow the stance, which changes the angle of attack.


So one of the more fascinating shots over the past number years is Tiger Woods hitting a stinger shot. He does it with long irons. He can even do it with a 3 wood. I'm going to try it with a 3 wood here.

So we have to understand, again, if we can get set up in the right spot, this becomes quite an easy shot. Generally, we would have enough width stance where we're just sort of just sweeping the ball. Stinger, we've got to be hitting more down on the ball.

So I'm not going to move the ball back in my stance. I'm just going to keep that the same and move my right foot closer. So now, instead of my upper body being set behind the ball, I'm going to be set more on top of it.

I won't be able to shift my weight as much on this, because I'm already set there. So I'm going to feel really solid in my legs and feet. Feel that I stay right there, and I'm going to really feel that I just keep those arms tight to me on the way through, so my left wrist leads through the shot.

Less body movement, more arm movement. Hands laid. And you can see, I hit down on that and took a divot. And there's a much lower trajectory. Still went really straight, because I wasn't stopping at the ball. I was still getting through, but my left hand was leading the whole way, more so based on my set-up than what I was trying to do with my swing.