Keeping The Ball Down

Bradley Hughes demonstrates 2 effective ways to keep the ball down into the wind.


BRADLEY HUGHES: Hi, I am Bradley Hughes. We're at the Oates Victorian Open at Thirteenth Beach, [INAUDIBLE] Victoria. As you can see, there is a lot of wind around this part of the world. It's a link-style course.

What I'm going to do is, I'm going to talk to you about how to keep the ball down and control it in the wind. So we've got a lot of wind out here at Thirteenth Beach. And we need to really control our golf ball in this type of wind. So obviously we want to keep it down and we've got more control of that ball.

So what we'll do here-- I've got 140 meters to my shot. I've got a seven iron right here. We've got two ways we can do this. Obviously I'm trying to keep the ball down out of the wind.

The first shot I would do is move the ball back in my stance. What that's going to do is actually de-loft the club a little bit, help me keep it lower. As I do that, what I'm going to also do is open up my stance just fractionally. That needs to be an adjustment-- for how-- I now have the ball back.

So I make a regular swing and just try and hit ball down, keep the ball down. And as you can see that's gone about 3/4 of its trajectory. So I've kept it under the wind and controlled the shot.

So now we're going to hit the similar type of shot but I'm going to use a six iron. So all I have to do with this club is make a smoother swing. And the smoother swing will not make the ball spin as much so it will still keep it down out of the breeze. So here is my regular swing, regular ball position, just a softer, smoother swing.

Both of those shots have gone on the same trajectory, below-- keeping it out of the wind so we can control it. They are two different clubs, one a seven iron, one a six iron, both the same distance.