Strategy: Firestone Country Club

Bradley Hughes explains the best strategy to play the Firestone Country Club.

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Strategy Bradley Hughes


Firestone, amazing course. Very different to a lot of courses in that each hole tends to be straight. There's not many shaped holes here. There's about the 13th hole, I think it is par four, goes around to the right. Besides that, every hole's rather straight. And it really takes an accurate driver to perform well at this course. Obviously Tiger has won here seven times, when he was at the heights of his game. But we've also seen the likes of Jim Furyk and other people who were not classified as long hitters, but very consistent hitters of the fairway.

And that's what we need to do at this course. So I would look for someone that is driving it long, obviously. But someone who can keep the ball in play. They get a lot of rough around this course, and playing out of the rough here is not generally a great idea. The rough is thick. Most of the greens are elevated to some degree, with fall offs at the front. So we don't want to be hitting out of the rough, because we're not going to really get much control hitting to an elevated green that then runs away from us. So fairways are critical at Firestone Country Club.

Seen some great scores here in past years. Jose Maria Olazabel tore it up one year with a 61. There's been some great finishes. Tiger Woods in the dark, that time he stuffed an eight iron very close on the final hole. Furyk it a playoff. All types of things. It's always a fascinating tournament. So if you going to pick someone, look for a really good driver of the ball. Not just fairways hit, but total driving category. That's the one I'd look out for.

Obviously if you can drive the ball in play, it's going to be a much less stressful week for you. And if you have a hot putter, then you're going to really factor in the outcome. So it's a great track. Hope you enjoy watching. Look for a really good driver of the ball that can keep the his in play and not have to hit out of the rough.