Bradley Hughes - Hitting A 3 Wood

Bradley Hughes explains how to hit the 3 wood, from ball position to width of stance, to whether or not to hit down or up on the ball. He explains that hitting the 3 wood is different from driver, but more similar to a long iron.

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All right. So let's talk about 3 wood. There's not a lot of loft on this club, and a lot of people have trouble hitting it off the fairway, because they feel they've got to help the ball in the air. Trust me. I've got 14 degrees of loft on this club. It's enough for me to get it in the air without trying to help it.

So I utilize my set-up. Again, I'm very consistent in having the ball and my left foot in the same spot, and my right foot is based on the club I have. Chip, middle iron, long iron, wood.

So I don't want this club to bottom out and then start to hit up like I would with a driver, so I won't have my right foot quite as wide as I did with the driver. Remember, the wider stance, we start to shift a little bit away, but as that weight shifts, we're going to hit this almost identical to a wood with an iron shot. We're going to hit ball first and maybe clip the grass after.

I'm not trying to help the ball in the air whatsoever. I've got to trust that I'm not hitting at the ball. I'm going to finish my swing and let that ball go flying, just as it would if it was on a tee.

It's got 14 degrees of loft. It's going to get in the air. Don't try to help it. Make your normal swing. Feel like you're pinching the ground. The design of the club won't take a divot for you like it will with an iron, but you'll still hit the same type of shot with a nice trajectory.