Bradley Hughes - Iron Vs. Driver Swing

Bradley Hughes demonstrates the difference in the swings between a long iron and driver. They are similar except for ball position, which changes the attack angle.

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Rhythm and Tempo Bradley Hughes Long Irons Driver


Hi, I got a four iron. I've got a driver. What's the difference? Are they different swings or are they not? Well, in my opinion, I think it's a really similar golf swing. It's just a different club. Driver, obviously has a lot more meat at the bottom than a regular blade.

So I'm going to start off with the 4 iron first. And I'm going to set the ball as every shot with the ball in the same spot relative to my left foot. For a four iron, my stance width is pretty much right under my right shoulder. That gets me just behind the ball. That as I swing, and my momentum goes forward, I get just on top of the ball again when I strike it. So it's a real tempo.

The swing speed is no different. The driver is three-five inches longer than this. It's going to go faster. So again, I really work on my nice tempo of my swing. That allows all my sequence to work.


And that was a really good strike. I didn't take much divot. But you won't take as much divot as the clubs get longer, because you're not being on top of the ball as much as you would with a shorter club. So the only difference with this driver, again, that's the same. This foot's going to be a little bit further back, more outside my shoulder. So now I feel more behind the ball.

And as I swing, and my momentum just starts to shift me forward, my club will bottom out here, but because of the design, it's not going to take a divot. And then as [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] going, I'm going to start to hit the ball on the up, because I'm set a little bit more behind than I would be with the other club. Same tempo, different club.