Brian Harman - High Bunker Shot

Brian Harman demonstrates how to hit a high bunker shot over a high lip. He will get further away from the ball and set his hands low at address to get the maximum height on the ball.

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Brian Harman Bunker Play High Bunker Shot


OK, Brian, we've got us a solid face. They built this for you guys getting ready for the British?

Yeah. This is British Open to the tee right here. [? Fredricka. ?]

[? Fredricka. ?] There we go. So we always like to get out players at a high bunker shot. We've got to hit one here.


What are you doing here? Flat bottom, too.

Flat bottom, so I've got no help. I've got no help here. A good line, but not a great line. So once again, with my setup, I'm going to change a few things. So when I'm trying to get high, I'm getting wider. All right? And as I get wider, I get a little further away from the ball. And as I get further away, my hands go from here to a little more this way. So I'm just changing the way that you can get--


--and get under it a bit more.

Right. And It's the same thing. Just soldier on, same thing. Only thing I've changed, because I'm down a little bit, my hands are down this way.

And that gets the club up, does it?

Yes. It maintains this longer this way, is what that does. All that's controlled with my setup

I don't control it here.

You told me before, people don't get why.

People don't understand that it's this part of the sand that powers the golf ball forward. They try to power it with this, and they try to power it with this. But with this setup, to hit a high shot, I'm powering it, because I'm hitting the sand in my spot, and that club is maintaining all the way through this way. I haven't done anything other than that.

That club's going to go over there because you're going over there.

I'm going that way. Everything's going that way. I'm not making it go there. It just goes that way. So I'm a little further away. I'm down just a touch. My hands have gone from up here to down this way. And the higher I want, the further it goes. The lower I want, the further this goes.

So now I'm seeing the shot. My hands are nice and low. And it's the same cadence, same rhythm as any other bunker shot. The only thing I've changed is my setup.


You got that one out there easy. I'm going to put you up a foot.

All right. So we'll go up a little bit.

We're going to see what's possible here.

This is almost 90 degrees.

That's 90, and this is probably 80. And that's what? It's six foot?

I'm six foot two, so it's six foot. Six-foot-deep bunker. That's all you want. There's no-- [INAUDIBLE]

So same deal. When I'm practicing the shot, I'll draw my [? deal. ?] And the more that I get down, the higher this ball. And I'm not changing anything. Only thing I'm changing is this.


Ooh, you got it out now.


We need six-inch your increment. There you go.

Up to the front of that divot. All right. So now this ball can go up just a little bit, if I absolutely have to get it up there.


You did that one easy.