Brian Harman - Long Bunker Shot

Brian Harman demonstrates how he hits a long bunker shot. He will go a little more around his body and have a shallower entry into the sand.

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Brian Harman Bunker Play Long Bunker Shot


So you're here in 2 on a par 5. You've got to get a birdie to tie a guy getting a playoff. You don't want to play conservative. You've got to take out all the variables. I'm going to make you fly this. Is that what you would do anyway, probably?

If I had to get it close, if I had to make it, I would probably be using this club. I'd be trying to fly it pretty close to it to get it.

With a spin.

Or if I had some sort of barrier, you know? If I absolutely had to fly it there.

Yeah, like this was all bunker and that was the lip way up there.

Right. So for it to go further, you've got to be a slightly shallower.

And with less sand.

Less sand. So I'd draw it just a touch closer, right? And when I practice, I'll draw the same thing, and I'll try to take a little-- I'm not down quite as much, I'm a little flatter here. A little more round, and then I take a little less sand.

Just a little. Like, instead of taking this much, you take this much.


So is the first one this much and this is this much?

Yeah. Right. So I'm just trying to take-- obviously, as long as I'm hitting here, that club is going to enter the sand, and I'm just trying to take a little less of it.

Got it.

But I do a lot of practice in the bunker without a ball because you're not ever hitting the ball, you're always hitting the sand. So if I can recreate that, try to take just a little less sand. A different shot.

That was pretty good.

A different shot.