Brian Harman - Chipping Out Of Bad Lies

Brian Harman demonstrates how he hits a chip out of a bad lie. His go to club is a 9 iron, and will bump and run it to get more predictable contact and roll.

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Awkward Lies Brian Harman Chipping Bump and Run


Flies are pretty good here.

Yeah put it in the dirt right there, then.


Put it in the dirt. There you go. Now--

Now we're talking.

Now you're in the dirt, now.

I was trying to be nice.

It was your club and everything.

Well now we got it in the dirt, right? So now we really only got one option here. It's pretty from right here up underneath it, so I can't get any club up underneath it.

So when you say underneath it, you've certainly got to get this underneath it. But you're saying you can't get loft easily underneath it, which would make it come out too low or something. Right, so the strike is going to be--


--very, very unpredictable for sure.

OK. So what'd you choose?

So I've got a 9 iron. And you could do it with a 9, an 8, a 7. 9's just my go-to


If it's a longer shot, I'll do an 8, and even a 7 at times, especially at the British Open. But here, now I'm looking at this more like a putt than I am at a chip.

More playing the break here.

More playing the break, because I have to play the break up this hill. I'm trying to run along the ground as long as I can. And when I'm feeling this shot, I'm feeling this shot more like a putt. So I'm in a little closer to this ball. My heel comes off the ground.

That way you get no drag, right?

So I got no resistance. It's all right, my heel's just a little off. And I'm making more of a putting stroke than I am anything else. And just like in putting, I'll get a couple good ones, just feeling the speed, trying to feel what does pin high feel like to me.

On the couple of swipes there, yeah.

Right, so I'm feeling pin high, feeling pin high, and I'm looking at the break.

And that hill chewed you up pretty good.

Chewed me up just a little bit.

Let's do one more those, make it worse. I got you down in there a little bit.

Yeah, that's good. But this is when I would play this shot. These greens are too soft to play at-- obviously, if we're at the open championship, British Open, sometimes even when you have a perfect lie, you have to do this, because it's so firm--

Sure, so firm.

So firm on the green that you can't--

Can't get any grip on the ball, so you've got to bubble it up there.

Like I said, it's more of a putting stroke than anything.

Brian Harman's not hitting this shot until he gets two good ones in there, exactly the length that you want.

Not bad.

Chewed me up again.

Those two got hung in the hill. Would you consider going lower right here, or you still go to your favorite deal?

My qualification is that I don't ever want to have to hit the club that I'm using harder than I'm-- I don't want to have to force it.


And so yeah, if I'm in a situation where I feel like I'm having to give a little something to a 54, I'll do the 50. If I'm having to give too much to the 9--

You're still happy with that.

But I'm still happy with this. I'm still happy with this. There we go.

There we go. You know when you hit it.

Yeah. Well, I got serious on that one. I wasn't talking on that one.


I couldn't have two bad ones up there.