Brian Harman - Hand And Club Positions

Brian Harman explains in detail where the hand and club positions are in the backswing and downswing. It's important that the clubshaft is parallel to the target line when it is parallel to the ground in both takeaway and prior to impact.


Where do you get your power? Or let's start with how do you load this club. You're going to load this club, and make some energy with it, and then you're going to unload it. So how do you-- I'm sure you've worked on your backswing before. Your backswing, to me, looks very orthodox.


How do you arrive-- you must be slightly inside out to hit the draw.

Yeah, a little bit of a draw. So for me, when I'm working on my takeaway, which I'll do, I'll take it back with my backhand. So I'll just turn. All I'm doing is turning. I'm not lifting. I'm not moving. All I'm doing is turning. And then I'll put this hand on the club there, and now I'm right where I need to be. That club is going right through my hands. That's right where it's supposed to be. Right, and so from there, now I'm just rotating to the top.

That's your backswing.

Right. And now on the way down, I'm trying to get my hands just inside the ball, but-- so here, let me put a club down on my target line so I can explain exactly. So the keys here are I'm here, and I put my-- this is just when I'm working on my golf swing. We're not worried about results. That's

That's what I want to know.

So I'm here, and now I'm here, and now I just turn to the top. Now, coming down, I want my hands out in front of my body, right? And when it's-- parallel to the ground--

Back to where it was.

Parallel to the ground, now, I just give it to my hips. Hips go, everything else goes, that club goes that way, and that's as hard as I can hit it.

So I'd like you to demonstrate that again. I want you to do it maybe in a piece with both hands on just so you sort of go there, and then show me.

Right. So for me, it's here, like parallel, then I'm just going to turn it around, and now I'm back down. So this club is parallel with that one, but my hands are inside the ball. And now from here, it's just how hard can I turn it. How hard can I keep it going this way?

And you manage the handle very well over there.