Brian Harman - Hitting The Inside Quadrant

Brian Harman explains in detail the importance of hitting the inside quadrant of the golf ball at impact. He will not chase the ball, but rather still finish with follow through coming inside.


You like to hit the ball hard. You like to hit the ball from the inside quadrant. Explain what you mean by the inside quadrant.

So if you're going to hit it solid, and hit a draw, the face has to be slightly open to your target.


Slightly open, OK? Say that my camera is on this line here. For me to hammer this a draw, face has got to be slightly open, and it's got to be hitting the inside. So if I drew a line right down the middle of this golf ball, I've got to be hitting the low, right quadrant of that ball.

In that corner.

Right there.


At the same time though, I don't want to chase it. I want to make my contact there, and let my hands--

A lot of people think that you could-- how do you hit the inside quadrant and then not come over here. You'd feel like you're sideswiping it a little bit, right?

Yeah, you won't, because if your hands get inside the ball, and they're out in front this way, then that contact is already pre-determined.


It's going to happen regardless.

Yeah. And then, you're gone.

Yeah. Because, everyone sees this, right? Everyone sees this on TV, and they want to, somehow, force it. They try to force it to there.

Get there.

But that's a result of getting around here, because once you get here, then everything breaks and then it's there.