Brian Harman - Mimicking Impact Sound (Part 1)

Brian Harman explains that as a kid, he would spend time mimicking the sound of good players' impact. To this day, he listens for the powerful sound of impact (Part 1).

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All right, so when I was a kid, I had some older guys that could really hit the ball. And being left handed, I was able to get up close.

Right here.

Right here. This is where I'd hit balls. And when they were hitting their way, I'd be sitting here listening. And I would be trying to mimic that noise. I wanted to mimic that--

That swoosh.

And these were big dudes, bigger than me, older than me, and they could really mash it. And that's how I learned how to mash it.

Because you hear clanks all the time--

Yeah, it's no good.

--right, you don't want to clank.

That's no good.

You want me to hit one, and you copy it?

Yeah, I'm ready. So I'm sitting here, I'm listening. I'm waiting for that-- yeah, that whoosh right before that contact.

You want the whoosh before it hits it?

Yeah, because I'm listening for the "shhhpow", like the "shh".

And are you searching for that in your swing too?

Always, always because I'm such a timing feel guy, that if I can-- if I can hear that, I can recreate that.

Yeah, that was a good one. And how do you do that? Just speed it up at the right time?

It just lets me know when to give it, when to let it go.

OK, we'll do one more. We'll touch balls. You hit a fade, I'll hit to fade. We'll go on three 1,000. Pick this up. Don't miss this. We're going to touch in air. One 1,000, two 1,000, three 1,000. Oh, they're chasing one another, wait for it. Oh, that was close.