Brian Harman - Mimicking Impact Sound (Part 2)

Brian Harman explains that as a kid, he would spend time mimicking the sound of good players' impact. To this day, he listens for the powerful sound of impact (Part 2).

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So you hit down on that ball really nice. And you've told me that from an audio standpoint, a noise standpoint, that a lot of your inspiration, a lot of your swing feelings come from going after the noise.


Explain what you mean.

So just like when you and I were hitting golf balls earlier, yeah, I listen for these-- I listen for that sound. And I try to mimic that sound.

When I was a kid, I had some older guys that could really smash it.

Smash it.

And I would listen. And what I'd listen for is not only the contact, but I would listen for when the club-- the club will make a whoosing noise.

A whoosh, yeah.

And I'll listen for it. It's like pow! And so I try to--

And that told you when to put the jets on?

That just tells me when to sequence it to where-- because there's a snap, and then a boom. And so I like being able to delay that hit. It just kind of gives me-- it gives me the patience to delay that hit.

So you wouldn't get the whoosh back here, right?


That's what you're saying.

Yes. Yeah, I want the whoosh to--

Late as possible.


And you want the big noise.


See? That's the noise you want right there.

That's the noise I want.

Yeah. The better the noise, the better the divot, the better the shot.

The better--


The better the bank.


The better everything.

So here's a 5. Now, as you go up in the clubs through to the mid-irons, obviously, it won't be as whoosh, because it's not as much divot. Or is it close?

It's close.

It's close.

There's not as much divot, but you can still-- the whoosh is still coming from the same place.


Right? I want the same-- I want the same-- you know, the same sequence, and the same everything through the back, because I want my most speed. I want all the speed right here.


I want it all right there.

Right there.