Brian Harman - Slot In The Downswing

Brian Harman explains where his "slot" is in the swing - in the downswing when the clubshaft is parallel to the ground and target line. From this position, he can rotate his hips and body through impact without any compensation.


So we've moved on to a 5 iron now, and we're still ta-- do you have any other things that you worry about as the clubs get a little longer? You have to keep--

Yeah, so for me-- I think probably most people-- I want to help this ball in the air. That's my first-- I want to hit this iron really high. And when I try to do that, I try to get this way. And you'll see that this handle is pointing left of that line--

Off the plane.

--which makes me work really hard to get it back to it. But if I stay in my posture, and I get that handle--


--and I get that club down. And I get it parallel with that one, now I could just give it right to my hips. And I just let it go.


So when I can feel that, and you'll see me practicing, I get the club in here, and when I get it there, and I feel that, then I know that it's going to be OK.

Is that your kind of slot, or is the slot you like up here? That's the slot you like.

My slot's at the bottom.

At the bottom.

I like feeling feeling it at the bottom because I just sort of let-- I kind of feel like it's very lackadaisical here, just very oily and very loose. But once it gets here--

It starts to tighten.

That's when I--


That's when I feel like I can really give it to it.