Brian Harman - Speed Of Handle And Hips

Brian Harman explains how important the speed of the handle and hips remains the same through impact. He's able to control the ball much a lot more consistency when they move in the same speed.

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Brian Harman Downswing Hip Action


[BALL HITS CLUB] That was beautiful. You don't look to me like-- you know, you're not straining or anything. You sort of look like you go-- do a right hand and look like you got the weight. And then, once you get down here, it's almost a twist.


And you stay right in your tilts there.

I always feel like, if I can match the speed of my handle with my hips, that I'm going to hit it pretty well.

Match the speed of-- well, as the handle goes around--

Handle and the hips, right here.

Going here. Got it.

I want all that working together. I don't want my hips and my handle to go this way. I don't want my-- your hands will hardly ever outrun your hips.

Right, you want to--

But I want it-- I just want constant movement with my hips through. I don't want there to be any sort of-- because when I get up underneath it, my hips stop. And then this has to catch.


So I want it to shoo.