Brian Harman - Up And Out Of The Way

Brian Harman explains how he moves through impact. He likes to feel up and out of the way with his hips and body to maximize his power and accuracy.

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Brian Harman Weight Transfer Pivot Impact Hip Action


Your horizon is so still. I mean, you have one of the stillest heads.

I've worked really hard on that. When I get off, I get down.


I get down, and then I'm having to, like I said, I have to catch it this way.


And that's why, for me, getting that club in here, gives me a place to go up through impact.

Is that hard to do, because we talk about the drop a lot. You've got to be a little courageous if you don't know what--

It is, and it takes a lot of experimenting to get that just right. But for me, personally, I want to get this ball up, right? You can't hit it that way. You cannot hit it that way. You've got to hit this ball down and around. For me, I have to have power coming this way, not down to it.

Not down and back.

Up and out of the way. Up and out of the way. So when I say things like matching my hands, I can't do that from here. I can't go fast enough. So for me, the transition is--