Brian Harman - 5 Wood Swing

Brian Harman discusses his two 5 wood swings, one that stops and one that he hits longer. Everything is done with the difference in follow through.

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What are we at here 5 wood?

5 wood.


So you've got-- just like my wedges, I've got two 5 woods. I got two 5 woods that I hit. I hit a go in 5 wood, and I hit one that I want to stop. So when I'm hitting a go in 1, if-- so say that I've-- what I've got 245 and I need to run it up to the front of the green where I'm hitting off a tee--

You've got that position over there.

Yeah, I'm over here. I'm turning it over.


And if I won't want to stop, and my spot's here.


And the one that stops goes 225 with no win. The one that goes goes about 240.

As you hit into the 5 woods, are you thinking about still down like the divot or you sweeping--

Not as much. It's definitely more of a sweep.

Yep. Because we know that the wedges dig the biggest hole. The middle is the less, long hardly any, and then the drive is actually all the way up.

Yeah, I feel that's how you control it with your ball position, but I start it the same. I start here, and then I'm here. And now I've got a good ball position. That ball is right there. Right there.


So I just get-- I've practiced enough to where I'm comfortable with these ball positions. That's how I change where the strike is. It's ball goes up. It's going to be a little more--


For-- it's going to be a little less deep-- goes back deeper. And so if I'm trying to hit go in 1, start here, I start with my standard. So now I'll click it around just a little bit for the draw. And as I click it around, the face kind of follows my body. So now I've got a slightly--

You kept the relationship between--

Right. Everything's the same and the ball comes back just a touch. So what I've done is I've just changed my path just a hair. My face is open to the target but square to me. But since I'm going to be coming a little bit more from the inside, it's going to be draw. And that's it. That's all I do. I haven't changed my swing, cadence, rhythm, nothing. The only that's changed--

You've just changed-- you've just clicked over.

I just clicked over, so I'll start.

And you've kept everything in relationship to this--

This would be a straight shot. So now clicking over just a touch, and then I just let it go.

Yeah, we call it-- I call it like moving the fridge.


When you move a fridge, you move all four pieces of the fridge like this.


All four pieces. Yeah.

And the same thing if I'm hitting the one that I want to stop, I start back here take out right I want to start it. I get up, and I start standard, start with my normal one, and now click it this way.


And once I get comfortable, now I'm ready.