Brian Harman - Driver Swing

Brian Harman demonstrates how he hits his driver. From the set up to the way he takes the club back to the follow through, everything is done with a goal to gain consistency and power.

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Brian Harman Hitting Shots Driver


So now we're up on a tee. Do you consciously think of that you've got to get up on this ball?

No I don't. I control that with my ball position. I mean--

Put it up front?

Yeah, I put it up where it feels comfortable. For me, it's right through there. And now I'm in this left leg a little bit more than I would be with another club. But it's the same, it's what you want to do with it. Do I want to draw it, do I want to fade it.

And especially with a driver. I'll pick out-- I'll pick out windows that I want to hit through.

Up into.

And I'll practice those. And I'll use, if I'm working on a high one, I'm looking at that cloud up there.

Yeah. You're going way up.

I'm going way up. And if I'm looking low, I'm looking at the top of that 150 stick out there. I'm looking--

Down there.

I do much more visualization with the driver, because I think it's so important to be able to have all those weapons for whatever because you never know, hole might go right with wind in off the right. This It has to be the most versatile club in your bag, I think. So what you want?

I want-- you know, I'd love to see you hit that draw.


Let's see it.

All right. So for this one I want to have it. I'm gonna hit it maybe 20 yards higher than that first tree.


That's going to turn it back to that. So I get set up to it just like normal. Now I'm looking at that spot, clicking it over for that draw, and I'll let it go.

I don't know why you ever think you have to hit it any further than that, you hit the heck out of it. You're pound for pound. You got the pound for pound. Rip it.

So same-wise, to say that I've got-- say that I'm coming back into the wind and that was a little bit more downwind shot. Say I'm going back into the wind and I need to hold it. I got a hard into left or right.

So now, same stick. I'm gonna start it right at that stick and bring it back to it, but this time if I'm hitting a fade, especially with a driver, I'll click it over a little bit and then I'll get a little closer to it as it clicks up. So now I'm set up to hit a low fade.


Overdid it a little bit, but--