Brian Harman - Equipment: DST Compressor Club

Brian Harman discusses his training club, DST Compressor Club, that he uses to work on his impact position. In order to hit the club properly, the hands need to be in front of the ball more than it needs to be with the regular club.

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Before we go to the set, you have this club that's in your bag and you work with Jack Lumpkin, who's your coach. Tell us about the DST.

Yes. So we've always had all these trainers, this is probably my favorite one. Is it's got a curved shaft, which if you look at it this way, you'll see the curve. And it just helps with the line of compression. So your hands have to be ahead of the club and moving from me to the right.

You can't hit this at all.

You can't hit it. Your hands have to be forward and moving right. So for me, this is the best training aide I can find.

So is it unusual that tour players of your caliber-- top 30 player in the world, basically-- that have to have a training aide or, I mean, just explain that a little bit because some guys are embarrassed to have a training aide.

Well, I mean--

I mean, I don't want to say it that way, I just--

Yeah, no. It's definitely--

Everything's helpful, right?

I'm not proud of having this in my bag, but at the same time my business is shooting low scores and this helps.

And show us exactly with your swing, why that is good for you.

So here, you can see it's curved. So for me to hit this straight, this club has to be exiting well to my right for that face to be square there. I've got to be out of the way and moving it this way.

So basically that club does what you need to do to make your swing work.

So for me to make that noise, for me to have that thump, this is the best one for me. Because it makes me get out of the way. For me to hit a straight shot with, this I got to make a perfect swing.