Brian Harman: Equipment - Driver

Brian Harman discusses the specs of his TaylorMade M2 driver. He hits a 9.5 degree, stronger driver in order to be able to set the club to the standard setting.

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Brian Harman Equipment Driver Adjustability


OK. Driver?

All right. So we've got-- this is listed as a [? 9-5. ?] It's a strong [? 9-5. ?] I always like to find a stronger one, because I like setting it on the standard setting.

The other Tour player-- all of our Tour players have all this, but they always insist that it's set on the standard.

Well, here's the thing, is that every time that you click this driver-- so say that I wanted it to be stronger, and I clicked it open.

It's got to change something.

Now I'm taking the weight from here, and I'm moving it--

It's got to change something.

It changes something. So I want it standard. I want it how the club was built. But I want the loft that I want. So I'm an [? 8-5 ?] guy, but I want it on the square setting. I don't want to have to--

So when you look down at it, it looks square.

Yeah. To me, it looks square.

A lot of Tour players like what we call zeroed out. It's zeroed out. Let us do the hooking and fading.

Exactly. Exactly. I don't need help to fade it or hook it. I need a baseline, just like what we've talked about all day. I set everything as a baseline before I pull the trigger.

Do your clicks. Everything's done.

Everything's done before--

You make a move.

--the action happens. Yeah.