Brian Harman - Learning Experience

Brian Harman discusses how he learned golf as a youngster through ball flight feedback. He also shares his learning experience from having almost won the 2017 U.S. Open.

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Did you learn-- because I certainly did. I watched everything. And I would I would copy my swing from other people, like whether I saw the way they moved their knee or-- do you do a little of that too, or?

You know, I did a little bit, because there were some other players that were in Savannah that were a few years older than me. And I think I copied them more than anything, just watching them. But I was always like a feedback guy. I'm like all right, if I do this--

What does it do?

What does it do? If I do this, what does it do? And I got to the point where when I was a kid I practiced so much, that I knew what the ball was going to do, and I knew what it was going to do when I was nervous. And I think, as I've gotten older, there's just more--

That's two different games.

Yeah, it is.

It's the game you play with me today and then it's the one in the last round of the US Open, right? There's two different--

Yeah. And there's no recreating. That's why they say it's a process. You have to get in contention and fail before you start.


And it's mostly true.

I think I text you when you walked off the US Open. I remembered how disappointed you were, how you almost couldn't play the last hole because you were just--

Yeah, just defeated.


Defeated, yeah.

And I think I read something like, you led the US Open, man, for like 65 holes. I mean, it probably didn't land on you then, but now it probably is better, thinking that.

Yeah, I mean, it was certainly a learning experience. But it stung. I mean, it hurt because, as much as I know it's a learning experience and it only is going to make me better, at the same time, it was a chance.


It was a chance to win the US Open. And I didn't get it done.

Right. You got run over by a guy that was on a mission that day.

Mm hmm.