Brian Harman - Professional Golf Career

Brian Harman discusses his journey to the PGA Tour. He missed qualifying for the tour the first 2 years, but got through in his 3rd attempt.

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So, how did you get on tour? What was the-- what did you do? And you come out of the gate a little slow, right?

Yeah, I did. I spent two years on the mini tours. But I did well. I made money.

When you say money, you weren't-- the wolf wasn't at your door. You weren't killing them.

No, I wasn't killing them, but I never had to take a dime from anyone.


So, I was proud of that. I was proud of that. Never took a dime and I made my own way. Missed Q-School first stage two years in a row, one right out of college.

That was back when you went straight from Q-School to the tour.

And then my third year, made it through first stage, finished second at second stage, and went right through, made through third stage, finished like sixth or seventh.

And that was-- so you walked on the tour-- that was in December. You walked on the tour in 2009?



'12. I graduated 2009, missed it in '09, 2010, made it through in '11. So, the beginning of 2012 was my rookie year.

OK. So, how did we do?

Did OK. Finished like-- I had a big tournament the first week of the playoffs. It was my first top 10 of the year.

So, right in there at '12, then, you made it through tour school, but then this FedEx Cup thing jumped in at the same time, which dropped out the tour school coming forward. It went back to--

Right, so I think there was one more year of tour school--

Of that.

And then, my second year on tour is when we played the short year, then no Q-School for the-- to get back. And then, the 20 whatever season started two weeks after we got done.

Yeah, like next week, or something, it's back on, which is it's ridiculous.

It's a lot.

Yes, a lot. So, we sort of fast forward now. Five years later, you're sort of where you want to be. You won the course and John Deere. What year was that?

2014, third year.

Do you think it was about the right time, couple years on tour, before you felt like something might happen?

It's just been-- you know, when I first picked up golf, everything happened fast. I started being able to do the things that I watched on television quick, real quick. I started winning tournaments. But professional golf, for me, has been a slow, long, tedious progression. I was close to winning a few times before I won the first time. And then after I won the first time, I thought I was going to keep winning. Well, it took me two more years to win another tournament.



And there's a lot of factors that go into that. Other guys can come over the top of you at the end, you know.

I just didn't-- I hadn't-- I didn't play well enough.


I didn't play well enough to win in between those times.

And here we are, in that time now. This year, you want a tournament, you played well most of the year, and then you almost won a major. So, as we talked about this in the beginning, you're right where everyone wants to be, the top 30. I told Dufner, I told Pat Perez, I'm telling you, you got to look positively at the top 30. You might not the first week after, if you played whatever. But top 30 is where you got to be.

No, that's-- it's first time I've done it. It's the first time I've done it. And I'm very proud of that. And it is. I mean, it is where you want to be.