Brian Harman - Working With Jack Lumpkin

Brian Harman discusses his experience working with his longtime golf coach Jack Lumpkin, and how his teaching style suits his personality.

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And of course, you're coached by Jack Lumpkin, who comes kind of out of the same mold as Jackie Burke, Claude Ham, all those guys. He's very famous. So how long has Jack been coaching you?

Jack's the only guy I've ever worked with. I've worked with him since I was-- I think I saw him for the first time when I was 11.

And I'm sure I probably know the answer to this-- have you changed much with Jack? What does he do? What does a guy like that-- all this modern stuff, track man, you know, putting deals, all this stuff, and here's Brian Hamm, who's been good since he was 15, one guy's instructing him-- I believe that it takes a while to get your swing the way you want it. Once you get it, I see guys like you, I see Jordan Spieth, I see Justin Thomas, that don't change. If they make a big change, then it takes a long time to get good again.

Yes, it does. You have to relearn everything that you'd learned up until that point. And I always find it interesting, it's like, some of these young guys, they get on tours, like, oh, well now, I need a teacher. Now, I need someone to teach me. And like--

They've already beaten the 99.9 percent of everyone else to get to that point, right?

Yeah, yeah. But Jack, he's like a-- I forget what he calls it. He wants to call it, like, guided discovery. So he wants to mention things to me, and then for me to be like, oh, well, this-- and so then, it becomes my own--


--then I own it--


--you know?

Oh, I see. So you need to work down this track, and then you'll figure it out. And then, that'll be yours?


Yeah. I suppose in my sense, I would say-- I would tell my son something. My equivalent to that would be I tell Sam something, and I say, now, that's the move. Now you go make it-- you go put it into your field.

Right. Yeah, same deal. But we're always watching-- you know, we're watching-- if he's wanting me to do a certain thing, every time I go into, you know, his office, he'll have it playing. It's almost like Inception, you know?

He'll have it on?

He'll have someone doing it really well, and like, oh, you see how that guy--

--does that deal there?

--does this thing right there? Oh, looks pretty good, don't it?

And then you go, yeah, I like that.

Yeah, I like that.