Brian Harman - 60 Yard Pitch With Less Spin

Brian Harman demonstrates how to hit a 60 yard pitch shot with less spin. This is done with is follow through, where the clubface is more turned as opposed to held off.


Now, if you do a draw, which probably is suited more for this one--

Right. So say that I'm going into the grain and I need-- I want to be able to control my distance with a little extra roll. I'll put that tee right there.

And hold it there a little bit.

Yep. So we'll do it just kind of-- it's kind of hard to get it just right.

I might-- I could put it right--

There you go. Perfect. So now I've got it to where I'm still coming around here. But now my face is going to match it this way.


So now that's a little bit more of a turnover.

A little bit more left arm for you.

But I'm not doing it this way. I'm doing it over-- it's over here.


So that would produce a slightly lower flight with a little less spin. So that's going to spin less. It's going to release just a little bit. And if you can get a couple of shots like that, it helps you fill in the gaps because right here, I'm at 60 yards. I don't have a 60-yard club.


Right? I've got-- this is a 85-yard club.


It's what I comfortably hit this-- but this is 60 yards. So I have to find ways to hit it hard to make the ball go slow.


And to do that, you got to continue this way. It's kind of similar to the bunker shots.

Are you-- that's an 85 club. But is the-- to make it hit it 60, is it you just-- you've slowed it down?

I just try not to change speeds too much. I'm not-- obviously, you're going to be accelerating into the ball just naturally.


But I try to control it with length of the back swing. Like if a full swing is here--

You're not going as [INAUDIBLE]

60 is around in here somewhere.

But you're not going to measure that. You're just feeling it.

No. I'm feeling that.


I feel that behind the ball. I try to visualize exactly where I want it to land. And then I'll take a couple here, just trying to keep it in my head where I want that ball to land. And then once I get it, I'm committed to whatever I chose. And I hit the shot.


But that's-- that-- part of that is-- once you make your decision, that-- the ball-- you have to make that ball go where that decision--

Said it's going to go.

Right. And if you're wrong, right-- so say that I'm practicing here and I'm missing short. Well, now I just need to adjust what I think 60 yards is.


It's different than what I thought it was. I don't give it extra power.

No. You just--

I just adjust some things that I'm doing.