Brian Harman - 60 Yard Pitch Wth More Spin

Brian Harman demonstrates how to hit a 60 yard pitch with spin. He explains how this pitch is more like a long chip and demonstrates how to swing the club without any disturbance in the motion.


A lot of our people that follow us have trouble hitting the distances on wedges. It's probably one of the biggest questions that we get-- is, how do the pros control? We've got-- what do we got here? We've got 60.

60-- what was that, 80-- 80, low 80s, 95, 110. We'll shoot them again-- 110, 125, I think.

Yeah. So we might go-- I might move you around. I'm not going to give you incrementally-- I might go 60, 130, back to 80.

So we'll start here at 60. So at 60, it's just a long chip shot for me. And the same thing that we talked about earlier with continuous motion-- there's no-- I don't want any sudden movements. I want it to be one nice, fluid motion because that helps with the contact. And that's the most important part where you're talking about these short shots-- is the contact because when you start changing things, that's when your contact changes. And that's when you can't control how far the ball goes.

So obviously, I've practiced this shot over my lifetime a very--

A lot.

Quite a lot.


So when I come into the shot, I'm-- the same thing. I'm feeling--

You're sort of feeling in the distance there. You're not really--

Feeling the distance.

You're not really measuring anything. It's just--

No. I'm not measuring it because there's so-- there's a variety of things that I would be trying to do here depending on what the shot called for. If the shot-- if I had a bank on the right and I was trying to kind of spin the ball from right to left, I would fade for me. I'm finishing with a face more open this way.




And by the way, you showed me something interesting. Show it to me again with that face there.

Right. So when I'm practicing that particular shot where I'm trying to spin it, where I'm really trying to put spin on it, I'll put a club here on my target line--

On your feet.

--that will be on my feet. So I will match this face to that face like that. So when I come through, I want to match those faces right there.

That gives you a-- that's an open face. And that gives you a little sly spin feel--


--or actual spin feel.

So that would be if I was really trying to spin one. And that helps me get through it, clip it, spin.

And know which way you're going to move your hands a little bit.

So I'll do one more like that, where I hold it right through there. That's got a straight-- if not, slightly fade. And that's going to have the most amount of spin from this distance. But the way to accomplish that is that I don't stop-- I don't-- the club doesn't stop here. It continues around. And I end up with an open face here as opposed to trying to do this. That club follows me all the way around. And I end up over here.