Brian Harman - 85 Yard Pitch

Brian Harman demonstrates how he hits his 85 yard pitch shot. Rather than focusing so much on the swing, his only concern is to make a great contact with the ball, knowing that he's got the right distance with the club.


Let's hit that front pin.

OK. What do we got to the front, 85?

71. Here, you check it. I'm going to put water all the way to the front edge.


OK. And we're going to hit it.

So, I've got 85.


And I've got an 85 yard club.

You do.

So now, I'm not doing anything special here. Right? So, this is my 60 degree.

But if you miss hit it, aren't you going to be in the water?

Well, I'm not going to miss hit it.


Well, I just-- I think about it in a different way. Like, 85 is a normal one, but I can get 90. I can get 90-- Are you thinking 90 to spin it back down, using that backstop?

I'm using-- I'm using all the green that I can back behind it, knowing that-- take a step back. When I do have trouble front, though, I don't worry as much about hitting it-- I don't worry about making a big swing. I focus even harder on my contact, because I know that if I hit the ball well, it's going to be fine.


It's going to be totally fine. So, I mean, this is one where you're going to feel some stress. You're going to feel like you want to give it extra, but you got to fight it. You got to fight that stress. You got to--

You mean, don't--

Don't add tension. Don't add-- Don't give it anything. Make some nice, wide practice swings. And then if you'll just focus on hitting the ball correctly-- if you know that you've got enough club to get there and you hit it well, it's going to fly past the hole.

Here she comes. Well, the green is real hairy up there, so it's not going to spin back, right, on this one.

But see, that was not a violent swing.


There's nothing violent.

It's just a full.


Well hit shot. So, I've taken-- instead of thinking about the water, or the bunker, or whatever, the only thing I'm thinking about is--

Your deal, your deal, right here.

Thinking about hitting that ball, hitting it nice and hard, and everything's going to be fine.