Brian Harman - 97 Yard Pitch

Brian Harman demonstrates how to hit a 97 yard shot, taking a 52 degree wedge and taking some distance off to avoid spinning the ball back too far.


Let's go to that back pin. That back pin's--

Yeah, here we go.

Pretty nasty, right?

Right. So this is 90, wasn't it?

I think it's 90, 95 maybe. 97.

97. So I've got, we've got wind hurt here.

It's up a little hill.

It's up a little hill.

So if you don't get it up there, it's coming all the way down, right?

So I can take a sand wedge and fly it there, but it might spin it right back down hill. I haven't done myself any good there. So I've got one more club. I've got a 50 degree, which is a gap wedge for me. This is like 120-yard club. So we've got 95, so I know that I got to take a little off.

So I'm going to do three-quarter. This is just how you dial this in, right?

You got to feel it, right?

I got to feel it.

You got to feel it.

But now, if I've got two options here, I've got an option to spin it.


And I've got an option to let it run a little bit.

I would think you're going to let it go a little bit, because you don't want to go it to spin back, right?

That way I don't have to worry about it spinning back.

Coming back.

OK, so I got my three-quarter, I'm working on that release. Once I get it programmed in there, now it's just about trusting what I got. I know that I've practiced it. Fly it just a little left of it.


Yeah, firm green.

The feedback was just not quite enough far enough, right? Right everything, except for a bit more.



Close. Firm green it might have been OK.


So basically for you, you're all about these getting the right feel, getting the right release matched up with the feel. And when you step over that line as you say, you're going. You're committed.

Having the release match up with the shot I'm trying to hit, gives me the freedom to let it all go.

Yeah, go for it.

To let it all go. Now if I was going to try to land this up there, I'd give it a little more the--

You'd have to go the other way.

I'd give it the fade, the fade release.

There it is.

Which depending on the green conditions, might be perfect.

There it is, there it is.


There it is. And you're not always going to make the right decision.

No. No one's perfect.

No, but you'll go up there, you'll either two put it and move on.

What you can do, is control the decision that you make and commit to that decision.

Yeah. It's fun to have the right pitcher and the right release, don't you think?

Yeah, well you have to.

That's what golf is.

If you don't want to be elite from these distances, you have to have, you've got to have some weapons in the arsenal. You can't just hit one shot all the time.