Brian Harman - Adjusting Ball Position

Brian Harman discuss how he adjust his ball position in his putting. He also can measure the exact position using the putter head.

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Putting Putting Setup Brian Harman


People don't realize that there's three influences that make you make a putt. One is square face at impact, which is the big one. Second one, most important, is center hit.


If it doesn't hit center, it's not going to get there.

Yes, yes.

Center hit-- if you could just get a guy to get get it hit in the center.

So that's another thing that I work a lot on, and I'll do it every day. I identified, I had a guy, Mike Taylor, who is putting coach here. I work with him probably once a year. And the only thing we check is my aim. So we'll get on a 10-foot straight putt. And I will get set up. And then I'll say, all right I feel like I'm aimed there. And we'll put the laser, shoot it, and then we'll adjust my ball position accordingly.

Until it's--

Until its dead on--

--dead on.

--at whatever 10-12 feet--

So, if it were in your case, if it was aimed to the left, you would start moving it further forward.

Yes, yes. That's exactly right. So, over the last three years, my ball position for a putter that's around this size, has been one in from my feet.

One head width of this deal.

One head width in. OK. And then one, two, and just a little bit further than two.

So you're measuring the width this way, and you're measuring the width that way.

I am one putter length away from my front foot to the ball. And then one, two, and just a little further than two putter lengths away from where my feet--

Toe stance line.

Yeah. And for me, if I put the ball there, and then I get comfortable over a 10-12-footer, and I feel like I'm aimed at the middle of it, I'm aimed at the middle of it.

But that's nice to know because, it reminded me when I played well, I used to take a piece of butcher paper, and I drew my feet where I was when I played super. And I swear to you, I would put that down when I'm coming off tour, when I was playing terrible. I couldn't even put my feet in the same spot.

Isn't it wild? It's wild how off it will get. And if I don't pay attention to this, it'll get off.

Get off, yeah.

It'll get off. And once-- every click that you're misaimed, every click--

Shows up, up there.

It, does and the further you get away, the further it shows up. And even if you're making putts, you're having to manipulate something--


--at the ball.