Brian Harman - Power & Comfort

Brian Harman explains how important power and comfort is in his putting. He also discusses where he powers his putts from - the trailing arm and upper chest.

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Putting Putting Setup Brian Harman


It's all about getting comfortable, you know? I move it around until I feel that-- until I feel it just right, and then I let it go.

And when you say, let it go, what are you powering it with? You said you don't use your right hand.

I power it with my left hand.

A little bit of shoulder?

This right here, I like having this nice and tight here.

You say nice and tight, like-- not like tight, but just to where you couldn't--

Like a five out of 10?

Yeah, about a five out of 10.

Let me see.

About right there.

Yes, that's like a four or a five. It's not hammered in there.

No, it's not.

Is that so you take the whole show?

Yeah, because I want my shoulder, I want everything to move the putter up here.

But you're feeling it with this.

Yeah, but I feel it. My main point is right here. That's what I feel.

What if people will say to you, that sounds handsy or something? What would you say to that? I mean, I'm just being the devil's advocate here.

That's kind of like when they asked Crenshaw how he putts? He's like, well, I kind of like to feel my-- I kind of like to feel everything turn.

He said he likes to move his legs.

What? What are you crazy? But it's about-- putting is about being comfortable.

And what you think you can be good at.

Yeah, it's about being comfortable. You know, I always say that, I've made-- I've missed a lot of putts I thought I was going to make, but I've never made one I thought I was going to miss. And if you're uncomfortable, you're missing.

Yeah, that's true.