Brian Harman - Role Of The Hands

Brian Harman explains how even though he is right handed in every other aspect in his life, he putts with his left hand. The right hand is on the grip but is simply going for the ride.

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First out of the gate, just let us see you hit a putt. I want to ask you a couple of questions. What I notice when, you know, I watch you guys all the time, you have what I call a real pretty right-hand grip. You're cross-handed but you don't look cross-handed.

I'm a right-handed man. And so I think, for me.

You throw, you write--

I throw-- everything is right-handed except golf. So for me, my right hand is just there for a ride along.

So your right hand is not doing anything.

Nothing. I like to drive the putt with kind of this elbow attached into my body, and this hand is what controls the stroke. And, in fact, I practice a lot with just that hand.

Which in my case, would be-- yeah, OK.

So this hand, I just put this hand wherever it's comfortable. I mean, and it probably changes throughout the year of wherever's comfortable.

It does?

I don't even--

Micro alignments.

Yeah. It does not matter where that hand is. I mean, it could be that or that. I mean, it doesn't matter, for me.