Brian Harman - Strokes Gained

Brian Harman explains how his half a shot a round in strokes gained is a huge amount when it comes to tournament results. It equates to 2 full shot gain he has every tournament just from his putting ability.


Everybody knows Brian Harman's a great putter. And you don't even have to tell you, because you've proven it statistically. What is it?

I was fifth strokes game putting on tour this year.

The fifth strokes game putting which was 0.5 --

Whatever. Half a shot around.

OK, so it's one half shot around better than the average on the PGA Tour, which doesn't sound much, but that's two shots a week.

It's a lot over a year. Well, if I went to the money breakdown on Sunday, and I took two more strokes, to me, it goes boom boom boom boom.


So it's a lot.


It's amazing. And you're that for the year. Have you always been a good putter?

Not always. It's been the last three years that I've become a much better putter.

You're up there with Spieth and those guys. He gets a lot of publicity, but you are up in that same stratosphere.

Yes. Statistically, yeah