Brian Harman - Pre-Shot Routine

Brian Harman demonstrates his full pre-shot routine, from lining up to the shot to getting his feet and posture set. The most important thing for him to get to a place where he's comfortable.


How do you get into the ball? How do you get into the ball? Because you look so good. How do you build-- how do you build yourself in there?

You know, I was an athlete. I was an athlete before I was a golfer, but I think everyone's got enough athletic ability to get into a good stance. For me, I come into it with my left hand on the club. Some people do right hand. I've done right hand too. It makes no difference.

Whatever you like there, really.

So I'm picking-- I always use an intermediary target. You do? You find that first, like Jack? So I see that. I see it, but it's just kind of a point of reference. Sometimes I'm trying to just barely miss something to the left, just barely miss it to the right. Whatever. So when I get into it, though, I'm here, right? I've got the ball off my back foot to start with. And then I put my front foot. And now I'm looking and I'm feeling the shot that I want.

And then that's when I'm in. Now I'm in my stance.


And I'm strong. And I'm just trying to get-- I'm trying to get comfortable.

Comfortable and balanced.

I'm trying to get comfortable and to where I feel like I can hit it hard.

Do the deal. Now go ahead and hit me one. And then I want to ask you how you do that. Just hit me a nice, you know, nice nine iron.

I asked you earlier off camera how you trigger or how you do your routine and you said you weren't sure.

I try not to go until I'm comfortable, but I know that there are things that I do. But I don't have a sense.

You sort of have a lift and a little waggle.

I'm not consciously doing all these things.


But I'm getting in and I'm not ready, I'm not ready to go, not ready to go, not ready to go. All right. I'm feeling better. All right, now I'm good.


So I don't want to-- I'm fidgeting until I'm comfortable.


And when I'm comfortable, let's go.

Until all systems say go, right?