Brian Harman - Follow Through For Draw And Fade

Brian Harman discusses the importance of follow through in his swing. It will vary depending on a draw or a fade, but the handle is always following his body and hips.


Walk me through from once you've got to the [? drop, ?] and you said you give it to the hips. Walk me through the positions, through impact, where the club shaft is at impact and where it goes after that. You said earlier that you've given yourself a pathway to the finish. Show me what you mean when you say, where is the pathway, because you can't go anywhere fast if you don't know what road you're on.

That's right. So it starts with having a shot in mind. Obviously, as I'm turning, the handle is following me. The handle is following my belt buckle. If I'm trying to hit a draw, I'm finishing here. If I'm trying to hit a fade, I'm finishing here.

Which we saw that already. You demonstrated with the club on the ground that you could do that.

Same concept.

Same concept.

It's the same concept. So if I'm trying to take a little bit off a five iron. Hitting it hard, but I'm catching it here.


If I need a little more, I'm hitting it hard, and I'm going this way with it.

And then from there, you just--

But you'll have to pause it to see it there, because it's still going--



When you say give it to your hips, you actually are giving it to the hips. You're going to give it the full treatment, and the shoulder is the last thing--

Yeah. But I just want everything to be nice and fluid. So I feel like everything stays, stays, and as those hips go, that's what brings those hands back around this way.

Yeah. Love it.