Brian Harman - Eagle Putt

Brian Harman takes you through step by step his routine and the thought process for the eagle putt he made to win the Wells Fargo tournament.

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This year, when you won Wells Fargo in Charlotte, everyone just knew that you were going to two putt and be in a playoff with Dustin Johnson.

Yup, not me.

Not you? Hey, by the way, not me, either. I said to somebody, I said, that little SOB, he's going to make this putt.

Well, a lot of people were asking me, well, were you afraid of--


Were you afraid of a rolling in it too far by? I said, well, I've been on the greens--

All day.

--all week.

All day.

I'm going to give. No, I'm not afraid of that. I'm going to try to give this the perfect speed to make this putt. I wasn't worried about three putting. I'm worried about hitting a good putt. I'm worried about getting comfortable. And that, when it was life or death for me in that making that putt, that is life or death, while I'm comfortable there. Because that's how I practice, I practice this. I'm always doing the same things. I'm always giving it enough break. I'm always got good makeable speed, and that one just happened to go in.

I've already been with you all day and I know a couple of things about you already, that Brian Harman is not doing anything without him already pre-done it in his practice.

That's right. That's right.

And he's very organized. And when he gets in there, he has a tendency to be a sniper because he is going to let it go, right?

It's time to go. Fish or cut bait.



You called it.

Oh, the green got it.

You called it.

Did you see that green get it?

Well, I'd rather you miss here than you did it at Charlotte, right?

But see, there you go. I did everything I could.


You can't be like, oh, I'm a failure because it missed. No, I did everything that I possibly could. I did everything I could and it just missed.

And by the way, when you play in a tournament, as opposed to being on camera today with me and you, you don't pick up the micro alignments that you would in the tournament.

Mhm. Yeah, I'd be more in tune.

You'd be more focused. You'd be a little bit more careful, et cetera.

That much, razor thin.

But hey, at the end of the day, we got the million five, or whatever it was.

That big trophy.

Big trophy.