Brian Harman - Lag Putt Routine

Brian Harman demonstrates his lag putt routine on the course. From how he reads the green and executing the stroke to his best, every single step in the process is done with a purpose.


OK. So, you obviously missed it on the correct side over there.

Well you know, it's a long par 3. I was trying to make a great swing, I missed it.

It's OK.

But with the information that I had, I was aiming just a little left of the hole. I was trying to hit up there tight. But I had enough club, and I got it up here to where, I mean, this is a birdie chance. It's not a great birdie chance, but a chance, nonetheless. So, I'll read this from this low side here. I've got some grain coming this way. So I'm just dialing it all, just seeing it's uphill the whole way, and grain in off my right.

What is your read?

My read is dead center, is basically in between like 4 o'clock. 4 o'clock is where I'm looking, would be dead center.

Over here a little bit?

Yep. So, I'm seeing that curve, I'm seeing that ball going. And in uphill, a lot of times I'll try and envision the ball hitting the back of the hole, like the far side. So for me--

That makes-- that makes you get it there?

Right, so for me, that makes-- instead of 4 o'clock being my spot, I'll make my spot like 11 o'clock. So if I've got a putt, let's call this 6 o'clock, all right, called the T6 clock. So, if I've got a putt that's breaking from my right to the left. My original read will be for the ball to go in right here. So, we'll call that 4 o'clock. And especially if it's uphill, I'll make my-- I'll be looking over here at 11 o'clock, because I want that ball to come in right through here, and then hit the back of the hole there. So I make that my dead center.


So I'm trying to hit that 11 o'clock, make the ball hit that far side of the hole. And that, especially for me on right to left putts, a little more speed.

Because you tend to lay off of them a little?

Yeah, so I get two good ones. Now I'm ready.

He-yo, there we go!


I'm in caddie mode. How was my celebration?

It was beautiful.

All right.