Brian Harman - Making The Putt

Brian Harman discuss how when the pressure is on, whether it's a putt to go 9 under for the day or to win a tournament, he becomes more focused, and thus more relaxed. He sees it as a choice.

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How do you get comfortable when you're 5 under, and you're not used to being 5 under, and you're trying to go 6 under? Or in this case, an amateur might be having his best round, and all of a sudden, you know, things-- how do you turn that off? Like, let's say you're 8 under for the day right now, and you're getting ready to go to 9. And, we've all fought through this.

Yeah, it's a common deal. But it lends itself back to, that you have a choice. You have a choice of the things that you think about.

And if you're thinking on this putt, if I'm 8 under par sitting right here. The only thing I care about right here is getting my read, getting comfortable, and making this putt. Making a stroke like someone had a gun to my head.

I see.

You know what I mean?

Some people try to defer the pressure-- you try to add it almost. Not add it, but in a different way.

I add it, but I'm not-- it doesn't make me more tense when I think of it. It makes me more relaxed.

More relaxed, more focused, more--

It's like if I had to make this putt, you know, I would make sure that I got a good read. I'd make sure that I was relaxed. I would be looking at this.

You're saying if you only get one shot at this deal--

Only get one shot. Only get one chance at this putt, ever, ever. So now, you know, I got my cheat right here because I've got the grain coming this way with this hole chewed right there. So I know this putt's going right.

So now I'm coming back here. And I'm 8 under par still, but nothing's changed, nothing's changed. Just like I was doing on the putting green. They all mean the same thing.

Going for, you know, subliminally, you've blacked out the fact that you could be getting the course record, or this could be--

Yeah, it can't matter-- just like that bunker's not there-- it can't matter. The only thing that matters, the only thing that's productive right here, is me getting myself in the best position to make this putt. But like you said, a robot's not going to make all of these.


The outcome is--

It's not guaranteed.

It's not guaranteed.

Either way.

But what I can guarantee is that I'm not going to come from back here until I feel good, until I feel those two that I like. One, there's one, there's one. And I'm not going to go until I'm comfortable here, until I get it, you know, going in right there at 7 o'clock. I'm not going to go until I'm comfortable here. But when I'm ready, right there.

Lives. We're going to 9 we're at 9.