Brian Harman - Risk/Reward Shot Off The Tee

Brian Harman discusses how he weighs the risk and reward off the tee. He takes you through his thought process and executes the shot exactly the way he sees it.


Brian, Frederica, number 13. We're doing the three holes where we talk a little strategy about what you're thinking. This hole is what? Explain it to me here.

OK, so this hole is kind of your classic risk-reward here. So we've got water down the right, can't cover all of it, but can cover most of it. The problem-- you know, you can play out left, and it's very safe to the left. But you're going to have much further in to the right. So this is a hole that I like to envision myself being in the hunt in a tournament. Preferably maybe a couple of shots behind. So I'm challenging myself to have this shot. To get it around this corner so that I can have--

Take a big bite out of this hole.

I'm taking on the water here. I want to get myself comfortable taking on the water.

And how do you do that? I mean, obviously there's some planning here.

Yeah there's some planning here. And there's a little bit of safety that goes into it. So for me, I'm going to try to hit a high draw on this hole. Which suits itself to my ball flight. But at the same time you'll still need to be comfortable with your own ball flight when you get into the heat of it.

Yeah, you've got an opportunity here to use what you're good at to be really aggressive on this hole.

Right. So I've got a line that's extremely aggressive. That's about 15 feet left of that last red stake there.

The one that's tilted over.

The one that's tilted over. And then I've got some palmetto bushes just there to the left. So that's going to be my finish line. That's where I want the ball to finish. So I know a perfect one is going to finish there. A miss hit will never, ever, ever go right. Never in 100 years. I'm being aggressive, but I'm taking that out of play. So I want to be aggressive, and I'm in a spot where I can be aggressive. So if I make the perfect swing, it's going to be awesome. If I don't make the perfect swing, I'm not dead.

Beauty. And you're not afraid to-- everyone knows Brian Harman is not afraid to get in the middle of it all. Why is that?

I just feel like you have a certain amount of-- the amount of opportunities that you're going to have are set. It's a set number.

Could be. Yeah, for sure.

30, 50, 100, 150, whatever it is.

Like me, I'm kind of done with my opportunities.

Yeah. Every opportunity that you have is one closer to the last one you're ever going to have. And I feel like that I'm aware of that, and I'm going to throw my name in the hat. On my chance, I'm going to give it my best. Because I'm never going to get that chance again.

You're going to go for it.